D’Arcy Webb, also known in some circles as the Speech Diva, is a singer-actress on the faculty of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where she teaches voice and speech and cabaret performance. Over the years she has played a large number of roles, both in NY and regionally, more recently, soigné society dames, deranged housewives and toothless old crones–with passion, humanity and panache. She is grateful to her mother for a few good genes that have kept her body supple and resilient, so when a director stages a ten-minute scene in a dog crate the size of a FedEx box, she can fold herself into it quite handily and still speak articulately and with ardor. Ms. Webb specializes in speech production and accent reduction, and offers private coaching to actors and other professionals who wish to free their speech of regionalisms and speak clearly, vividly and with passion.
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